About us

We make:

1. Cast brass letters and numerals with height from 2 to 25 cm.
2. Brass firm signs - cast, with a size to 40 cm.
3. Relief sheet brass letters with a height from 20 to 100 cm.
4. Sheet - brass firm signes with a size form 20 to 100 cm.
5. Sheet - brass firm signes with fited cast brass letters.
6. Brass keyracks.
7. Bronze reliefs from pictures.
8. Special orders in brass - cast and in sheet-brass.

Our production is suitable for interior and exterior decoration of administrative buildings, restaurants, luxury numbers of appartments, hotels, etc.
The firm makes epitaphs and other decoration: roses, wreaths, branches, crosses, etc. For headstones and monuments.

Some of our clients are:

  BANKS: МБТР, Bulbank, Biochim, Credit express bank, Mosbusinessbank(Russia),
  Teximbank, Demirbank and others.
  HOTELS: Sofia: Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan, Kempinski Hotel Zogravski, Rodina, Maria   Luisa, Rila, LION, Serdica, Shipka, Crysral Palace, Greenville, Park hotel Moskva, motel   Gorublyansko hanche, Appartement house, Ganesha, Atlantic, Baldjieva, Rotasar, Eni ,   Arena di Serdica and others.
                   Varna: Wild cherry, Musala
                   V. Turnovo: Milenium
                   Sunny Beach: Rai, Glarus, Svejest, Strandja, LION, Planet, Sunset Resort,
                   Pomoriе: Trakietz
                   Kiten: Elit
                   Bansko: Chateau Vapzarov, Olimp, Avalon, Julia, Marine, Chicho Tzane
                   Pamporovo: Bor, Zora and others
                   Borovetz:  LION
                   Sandanski: Interhotel Sandanski
                   Bankia: Bankia Palace, Pochivna baza – Мин. Съвет and others
                   Arbanassi: Bolyarska kushta, St. Constantine and Elena and others
                   Chiflik (Troyan): Venik
                   Panichishte: hotel CPVK
                   Dospat: Tihiyat kut
                   Dimitrovgrad: Afrodite, Slavyani
                   Smolyan: Anna
                   Marchevо (Gotze Delchev): hotel Maitz
               Chelyabinsk (Russia): hotel Slavyanka
                   Samokov: Sonata
                   Predel: hotel Predel
                   Blagoevgrad: Ertancom
                   Dobursko: hotel mehana Dobursko
  BUILDINGS, OFFICES, COMPANIES: Ministry of Physical Education and Sport, Russian and   Ukranian Embassy, UNSS, Lozenetz hospital, Висш съдебен съвет, Residency Boyana,   Central Military Club, BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO, musical center "Boris Hristov", hospital   „Queen Ioanna”, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Medical center Pleven, Vechna-R,   SMG, Ves Tzerovski, court of justice Byala Slatina, court of justice Svoge, municipal   Dragoman, municipal Bansko, municipal Vratza, Comitee for defence of discrimination,   The Anglo-American School of Sofia, NOI and others.